Cannabis and hemp manufacturers face significant regulatory requirements around licenses based on the inherent risks that are byproducts of the license-type.

Processing cannabis flower or hemp biomass often can change (typically increase) the value of the product and mistakes can lead to significant losses if the entire plant is not utilized to its full potential. Additionally, manufacturing plants and equipment are expensive investments and should be protected by a good commercial property policy.

Depending on the equipment that a business is using, you can specifically list valuable pieces on the equipment policy for their full retail value.  Equipment breakdown language can be added to further strengthen the value of the policy. A product liability policy can protect you in the case of a customer getting sick and will typically be required to sell products wholesale to dispensaries.

Suggested Options

  • General Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Commercial Property
  • Workers Comp
  • Business Income Coverage
  • Cargo / Inland Marine